Afilia Saga – Lost In The Sky [2016] HDTV x264 1080p

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[PV] Afilia Saga - Lost In The Sky [2016.07.26]
(アフィリア・サーガ - Lost In The Sky)
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Release Info
17th single “Lost In The Sky” (release date: July 26)!
“Lost In The Sky” is the theme song for Afilia Saga’s 2016 tour “Tenku no Ark light”. “Lost In The Sky”. Yukafin Doll, who announced her graduation from the group on November 11, 2015 alongside Louise Sforzur and Ayami Chercy Snow, begins the MV in the center position, but also receiving a generous amount of screen time is new member Kana Rear Norwich, who catches a star, waking up a sleeping Yukafin as the MV ends.

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