Arashi – Fukkatsu LOVE [2016] CD Single

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[Single] Arashi - Fukkatsu LOVE [2016.02.24]
(嵐 - 復活LOVE)
MP3 / 320 / CD / Limited Edition - 2016 32.12 MB
MP3 / 320 / CD / Regular Edition - 2016 75.87 MB

Release Info
[Limited edition]
M1.Fukkatsu LOVE
M3.affection (original karaoke track)
Fukkatsu LOVE (music video + making of)

[Regular edition]
M1.Fukkatsu LOVE
M2.Ai no Collection
M3.Bang Bang
M4.Are you ready now?
M5.Fukkatsu LOVE (original karaoke track)
M6.Ai no Collection (original karaoke track)
M7.Bang Bang (original karaoke track)
M8.Are you ready now? (original karaoke track)

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Arashi – Fukkatsu LOVE [2016.02.24]_Lim_Reg_320Cd.rar mirror

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