Suspicion (1982) DVD5 VOB

A car with two passengers plunges into the sea. The man dies, his wife (Kaori Momoi) is barely scratched. So did she or didn't she? Shima Iwashita stars as her lawyer.

Suspicion 疑惑 (1982) NTSC DVD5 - Yoshitarô Nomura
Subtitle: English

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Paradise View (1985) DVD5 VOB


Reishu quits a job on a US military base; while mulling over his future he catches snakes, sticks numbers on ants and gets village girl Nabi pregnant. But then he is 'hidden by God' and in this enfeebled condition is savaged by a wild rainbow pig.
Paradise View パラダイスビュー (1985) NTSC DVD5
Subtitle: English (hardsub)

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