Ayumi Hamasaki – A Best [2001] Web Album

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[Album] Ayumi Hamasaki - A Best [2001.03.28]
(浜崎あゆみ - A BEST)
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Release Info
Ayumi Hamasaki's 1st Best of Album


01. A Song for XX
02. Trust
03. Depend on you
04. LOVE ~Destiny~
05. TO BE
06. Boys & Girls
07. Trauma
08. End roll
09. appears
10. Fly high
11. vogue
12. Far away
15. M
16. Who...

The songs "A Song for ××", "Trust" and "Depend on you" were re-recorded for this album along with "End roll," which wasn't announced to be re-recorded, and "Boys & Girls," which had a new instrumental part but the voice still being the same as the older version. Though this was her best selling album, Hamasaki Ayumi opposed of it publicly, stating "it was too early for release".

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