Beijing nightclub 2: Goddess qualities 2014 WEB-DL x264 1080p

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Beijing nightclub 2: Goddess qualities 2014 1080p WEB-DL.x264.AAC-SmY

Director: Zhang Peng
Genre: Romance | Mandarin | Mandarin
Starring: High Mengyao | Xi Wang Ran | Jimmy Wang Lu
Screenwriter: Zhang Peng
Premiere : January 1, 2014

Raymond Lee a Cock wire , finding love in the true nature of True COLOR nightclubs trip , the goddess of love at first sight of the true nature of the area 's best nightclubs TrueCOLOR goddess Natalia unable to extricate themselves . As he is not afraid Cock wire gap of life, but do not fear nightclub groups in various rules and obstruct really impressed with several other goddesses goddess Natalia best around . Zhang Xiaoning goddess help and the help of friends , a successful transformation , and instantly became the Prince of Love Songs Worker nightclub district .
In the " nightclub Beijing 1" , KAV night an actor ] and [ Ma Qiang [ actor ] night a poster of a military order attracted people love full body of work are looking for true love, a time slogan on the poster : "Who Nightclubs no love "swept the major nightclubs , while the club has also undergone a major many touching love story , in a strong horse and KAV VICS to find true love when , in addition to a nightclub , character TrueCOLORTrueCOLOR goddess restricted area , but also by the love posters sparked a storm while touching journey to find true love . Raymond Lee a Cock wire , finding love in the character TrueCOLOR nightclub tour in love at first sight goddess qualities True COLOR nightclub ban ...

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