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[Album] BiS - Brand-New Idol Society 2 [2016.11.16]
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Release Info
Brand-new idol Society 2 is the fourth album by Japanese idol group BiS released through the independent label Tsubasa Records on November 16, 2016. The album is the first physical release by the group after their reformation in 2016, and features a brand-new lineup of members. The album consists of re-recorded versions of tracks from the group's independent label days, together with five new songs. An early version of the song "BiSBiS" featuring only Pour Lui was released as a free download on July 8th 2016, the day the group's reformation was announced. The album version of the track has been re-recorded with the new members. All of the album's tracks were released on Soundcloud prior to the album's release, with the exception of "CHANGE the WORLD" which was released as a music video on youtube.

01 - Give Me Your Love zenbu
02 - My Ixxx
03 - Nerve
04 - Primal
05 - BiS BiS
06 - Human After All
07 - Idol
08 - Happy Birthday
09 - Reribi
10 - Not Special
11 - BiS
12 - Taiyou No Jumon
13 - Change the World

These files can all be downloaded at Usenet.

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