Black ROLI And White ROLI 2013 WEB-DL x264 1080p

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Black ROLI And White ROLI 2013 1080p x264 AAC-SmY (CHN Embbed subs)

Also known as: compensated dating girl

Running time: 70 minutes 80 minutes ( Director's Cut )

Synopsis :
Black and white Lolita Lolita is a pair of good friends , the two young , beautiful , carefree good life, who go to school in a high school , a student Lolita black surface , in fact, there is another career , compensated dating girl she specializes seduce those mature man , happened to make money with their relationship , she and her mother live in a warren , life is not rich, so she make money to satisfy their own desires , and dreams. Her dream is admitted to the Academy of Fine Arts in the future , she has the talent to paint , after a relationship with each guest, will put these people look like painted sketch , black and white Lolita Lolita side to play in Beijing, while his own and tell the story of the white men who listen Lolita , white Lolita very curious at first , and later, she saw the black Lolita so hard , we advise not to do it again Lolita black , black Lolita earn enough money to say so on their own , it will not do , with a small white Lolita Lolita boyfriend went black , black white Lolita Lolita deliberately sent away , taking advantage of no one , a small black boyfriend sexy Lolita hands and feet , this scene happens to be white Lolita saw white Lolita very angry , black Lolita says she just wants a clear understanding of the ugly face of these men , white Lolita does not appreciate , and black Lolita relations strained .
Black Lolita continues its nightlife , nightclub she met a middle-aged man , he is very refined , gentle , to be treated like her own daughter , as the two men lingering in the hotel , felt like I found a black Lolita the long-lost father . One day, White Black Lolita Lolita came through this time, she finally figured out the relationship between the two friends returned to White Lolita also want to try a return to the black Lolita introduced her guests , the Black Lolita that gentle introduction to white middle-aged man Lolita , white Lolita came to similar hotel, did not think she was actually in the hotel room to see his father , is that the guests . White Lolita frantically fled, his father found his daughter, he felt very guilty, remorse . He sent his daughter abroad , Black Lolita back home, the man was brought back peeping mom , mom wounded man , to play all of their own guilt , they realized the black Lolita love their mother , her heart subject to vibration .

Director: Song Jianjun
Screenwriter : Liu Wei Zhang Zhiyuan Song Jianjun Liu Weiting
Starring: Chieko tour / Xu Wenqian
Genre: Drama / Erotic
Producer countries / regions : China
Language : Mandarin
Release date : 2013-12

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