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[Album] Boris with Merzbow - Gensho [2016.03.18]
(Boris with Merzbow - 現象)
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Release Info
"Gensho (現象?, "phenomenon") is the third collaborative studio album and seventh release by the Japanese rock band Boris and noise musician Merzbow. It is presented in two parts; the first disc features re-recordings of several Boris songs and a cover of the My Bloody Valentine song "Sometimes" in drone-based, drumless style, while the second disc consists of new compositions by Merzbow. They are intended to be played at the same time, much like the previous Boris double album Dronevil, or as separate works."

Disc one – Boris
1. "Farewell" (originally from Pink) 7:53
2. "Huge" (originally from Amplifier Worship) 10:50
3. "Resonance" 4:03
4. "Rainbow" (originally from Rainbow) 6:20
5. "Sometimes" (My Bloody Valentine cover) 9:45
6. "Heavy Rain" (originally from Noise) 7:50
7. "Akuma no Uta" (originally from Akuma no Uta) 11:43
8. "Akirame Flower" (originally from Golden Dance Classics split) 6:14
9. "Vomitself" (originally from Amplifier Worship) 9:47

Disc two – Merzbow
1. "Planet of the Cows" 18:43
2. "Goloka Pt. 1" 20:09
3. "Goloka Pt. 2" 19:33
4. "Prelude to a Broken Arm" 16:01

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