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Elite researcher Suenaga Takuya, his department rival Hashimoto Atsushi, and Manager Nishina Toshiki plot to kill Amemiya Yasuko, the CEO's secretary and a shared mistress, whose pregnancy threatens to destroy their futures. However, their plan unravels when a mysterious 4th individual becomes involved, and the 3 men become the targets of wrath instead.

Brutus' Heart ブルータスの心臓 (2011) NTSC DVD5 - Custom Subtitles

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Genre: Action / Comedy / Drama / War etc
Distributor: Fuji DVD
Year: 2011
Country: Japan
Director: Yû Irie

Source: DVD5 Retail
DVD Format: NTSC
DVD Size: DVD5
Programs Used: PGCDemux, MuxMan, MaestroSBT, DVDSubEdit, DVDReMake Pro
Video Bitrate:
Screen Format: Widescreen
Audio Language: Japanese
Audio Format: DD 20,
Subtitles: Japanese, English(Custom)

Menu: [X] Untouched
[ ] Stripped

Video: [X] Untouched
[ ] Re-encoded

DVD Extras: [ ] Untouched
[ ] Re-encoded
[ ] Stripped
[X] None on source

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English subtitles by shioki from d-addiscts

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