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An assistant commercial director gets a big break when he has a chance to direct a commercial with a cat. But when a student trainee loses the cat, everything falls apart very quickly.

Cat A.W.O.L. แคท อะแว้บ (2015) NTSC DVD5 - No subs

IMDb Link:
Genre: Comedy
Distributor: Happy
Year: 2015
Country: Thailand
Director: Pongsak Pongsuwan & Nareubadee Wetchakam

Source: DVD5
DVD Format: NTSC
DVD Size: DVD5
Programs Used: Not my rip
Video Bitrate: 4,065
Screen Format: 1.5 AR. Should be ~2.35:1 Anamorphic
Audio Language: Thai
Audio Format: 5.1 / 2.0 (AC3)
Subtitles: None

Menu: [x] Untouched
[ ] Stripped

Video: [x] Untouched
[ ]

DVD Extras: [x] Untouched
[ ] Stripped
[ ] None on source

Uploader's Comments:

Cat A.W.O.L. (2015)
aka Cat A Wabb (phonetic, IMDB)

Directed by:
Pongsak Pongsuwan
Nareubadee Wetchakam

Arak Amornsupasiri
Choosak Iamsook (aka Nong Cha Cha Cha)
Johnny The Burmese Cat
Pimchanok Leuwisetpaiboon
Pongsak Pongsuwan

I adjusted these to 2.35:1 in Photoshop. One day Happy will go out of business
and I won't have to fix their screwed up aspect ratios any more.

Thanks to DJPS at ADC

These files can all be downloaded at Usenet.

Cat A.W.O.L. แคท อะแว้บ (2015) NTSC DVD5 – Doraupload

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