Tunnel 2016 DVDRip x264

A man is on his way home when the poorly constructed tunnel he is driving through collapses, leaving him trapped.
This movie is based on the novel "Tunnel" by So Jae-Won
Tunnel 2016 DVDRip DD5.1 x264-KiMCHi
Subtitle : English

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Shin Godzilla (2016) DVD5 ISO

An unknown accident occurs in Tokyo Bay's Aqua Line, which causes an emergency cabinet to assemble. All of the sudden, a giant creature immediately appears, destroying town after town with its landing reaching the capital. This mysterious giant monster is named "Godzilla".
Shin Godzilla シン・ゴジラ (2016) PAL DVD5
DVD / ISO / Untouched / 4.37 GB
Subtitle: Thailand

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Dad For Rent 2014 Web x264 1080p

The story starts with Chae Ah-yeong, who came up with an idea of a rental business of her own father. On the day of her school garage sale, Ah-yeong presents her father Taeman Chae, claiming that he is her useful...

Dad For Rent 2014 1080p WEBRip x264 RTN
Subtitles: Hardcoded English Subtitles from Amazon.

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Yakuza Deka (1970) DVD5 ISO

An undercover cop befriends a yakuza underling who through his contacts helps him infiltrate two rival Yakuza gangs. He pits the two rival gangs against each other in hopes that they will cross each other out.
Yakuza Deka やくざ刑事 (1970) R4 PAL DVD5
DVD / ISO / 3.61 GB / Untouched
Subtitle: English

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Lord Mito 3: All Star Version (1960) DVD5 VOB

In 1691 a terrible fire broke out in Denmacho, Yotsuya, burning down the towns around it, up to the shores of Shibaura. A month and a half later, another fire broke out, this time in Komagome, burning down the two gates of Asakusa and Sujikai, and continuing on into the night. As the government Elders consider evidence that these fires were arson, a fire breaks out in Hirakawa-cho, outside of Hanzo Gate. Nishonmaru catches on fire and burns down completely. When this rash of fires even strikes Kyoto, the task of finding who's behind the arson, and stopping them falls to the Shogun's uncle, the Elder Lord of Mito. Together with his trusted bodyguards, Kaku and Suke, the trio set of to save Japan from this scourge of evil. Featuring virtually all of their most famous stars, this is the best film in the Toei series about Mito Komon, one of Japan's most popular historical figures who traveled through the country incognito to check on the people and fight injustice.
Lord Mito 3: All Star Version 水戸黄門 (1960) NTSC DVD5
DVD / VOB / 4.16 GB
Subtitle: English

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Night Train to the Stars (1996) DVD9 VOB

Following the life of Kenji Miyazawa, one Japan’s most read and best loved authors in recent years. Born into a family of an affluent pawnbroker in the rural Iwate prefecture, Kenji always sought ways to improve the lives of the poor villagers who pawned their personal belongings in order to make ends meet. His strong Buddhist faith also drove him to further contemplate issues dealing with hardship and poverty, reinforcing his desire to find ways to improve the lives of those less fortunate. Meanwhile, his upbringing in Iwate fostered a passion for nature, which inspired him to write a series of unique poems.
Night Train to the Stars わが心の銀河鉄道 宮沢賢治物語 (1996) NTSC DVD9
DVD / VOB / Untouched / 6.08 GB
Subtitle: English

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I’ll/CKBC (Crazy Kouzu Basketball Club) (2002) DVD5 VOB

This anime is based on "I'll" (AIRU) manga about basketball. This two volume OVA took the story from the popular chapter of the match between "Kokufutsu (Kouzu?) High School" and "Kokutai Training Camp Association" from the manga. It's also focusing on the friendship between Tachibana Akane and Hiiragi Hitonari.
Very shounen anime about two arrogant guys trying to beat each other. Friends, but also sworn enemies.
I'll/CKBC (Crazy Kouzu Basketball Club) (2002) R2J NTSC 2xDVD5 - OVA
DVD / VOB / Untouched
Subtitle: No
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