Asiafull SSL

In order to improve security, we have decided to turn on SSL for browsing.

In the last couple of days we figure it out how to make the site completely secure loaded external images through HTTPS,

To solved this we setup new image proxy, so all mix content (non https image) resources loaded from the secure image proxy. Here comes the solution!

Private imgproxy!

Update: Please be aware we still debugging incompatible plugin. Sorry for inconvenience.

Update2: Full force HTTPS to solved some problems.

Update3 (Feb, 14 2016): Re-Enable SSLv3 on AsiaFull website, so Windows XP *users still can access the site.
(**You cant see the images since imgproxy uses HTTP/2 protocol and disabled SSLv3)

If you find any error or bugs on the site or our image proxy site, feel free to contact us

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Site restore

Sh*t happened (disk failure), site restore from today backup, if you find something article missing just let us know, post in comments.

update: services also restored and running functional.

sorry for the downtime!

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Asia.CD closing down

So we got another new domain name. Change your bookmark. Asia.CD is now

Thanks to all who believe in us! We really appreciate it, means there is still people cares :)

as promises, all previous donation has been refund in full amount.

Happy holiday and lets make 2015 more wonderful.

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