Chat Noir Lucy 2012 DVDRip x264

Posted 12/09/2014 Film

Original Title: くろねこルーシー (Kuro Neko Rushi)
Director: Toru Kamei
Writer: Yuji Nagamori
Genre: Comedy/Family
Language: Japanese
Runtime: 107 Min
IMDb: Vote Here!
Subtitle: None at the moment

Plot Middle-aged man Ken Kamoshida (Muga Tsukaji) is a fortune teller and his life revolves around superstitions. Since he and his wife (Megumi Yasu) separated, Ken Kamoshida's life has been messy. One day, he comes across 2 black kittens which represents a symbol for misfortune. He has difficulty in raising the kittens, but he uses the kittens to help read the fortunes of others. In the process, he discovers what's really important to him.

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