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Genre: Action Revenge / Tragedy /Romance Drama
Distributor: Poh Kim Video Pte. Ltd.
Year: 2006
Country: Hong Kong
Producer: Jonathan Chik
Source: DVD5
DVD Format: PAL
DVD Size: DVD5
Programs Used: DVD Decrypter

The Dance of Passion 火舞黃沙 (2006) PAL 11xDVD5 - TVB

The Dance of Passion (Traditional Chinese: 火舞黃沙) is a TVB period drama series broadcast in May 2006. The series was filmed in Yinchuan, in Mainland China and Hong Kong. TVB's big-budget production The Dance of Passion is the follow-up of the highly popular 2004 royal court drama War and Beauty. Retaining the core cast and crew members of the latter with some crucial reinforcements, the 2006 period drama features an unprecedented line-up of the network's top actors Bowie Lam, Moses Chan, Ada Choi, Gigi Lai, and Charmaine Sheh, all winners of Best Actor/Actress at the TVB Awards. The star-studded cast also includes Maggie Shiu, Kenny Wong, Chan Hung Lit, Chung King Fai, and Vinci Wong. The entire cast was met with unanimous cheers, with Kenny Wong's outstanding performance winning him a Best Supporting Actor statue. Set in the Loess Plateau in Northern China in the early Republican era, the story revolves around the rivalry between the Yim clan and the Sung clan. The two clans have lived together in harmony for generations, but the peace is threatened with the rise to power of Yim Man Hei, drawing the clans into serious conflict. It all begins when Hei expels Sung Tung Sing from the clans' settlement as a punishment for his forbidden love with a widow. The exiled Sing meets peasant girl Ka Chun Fun and, thanks to her support, regains the will to live. Vowed to fight back against Hei, Sing decides to help his cousin Sung Tung Yeung to vie for power against the Sungs' matriarch, Chiu Yuk, who has a secret affair with Hei. Hei's wife Kai Ming Fung is heartbroken to learn the truth, but she still sticks by her husband... On the Loess Plateau of Shanbei live two clans, the YIMs and the SUNGs. The SUGNs have been relying on the YIMs and a lasting peace has been going on for three generations. But this situation cannot continue when YIM MAN-HEI becomes the Superintendent. His rise to power ha drawn the clans into serious conflict. SUNG TUNG-SING who falls in love with a widow has suffered the cruelest punishment, the Penalty of Torching, for his affair, as ordered by HEI. SING's lover is burnt to death while SING is expelled from YIM's clan. SING still lives with the trauma but can finally come out of despair when he meets KAR CHUN-FUN. Two years have gone by, and SING is ready to return to his home village to attend the funeral of his father. To fight against HEI, SING decides to help his best buddy to vie with his foremost rival, the high-handed CHIU YUK from SUNG's clan, for the position of the Superintendent. HEI, who has always been seen as a sturdy moralist, is hopelessly in love with YUK. His wife KAI MING-FUNG is heartbroken to learn the truth but is reluctant to leave him in the lurch....

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Subtitles: Traditional Chinese / English (Selectable)

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