Dating Fever (2013) WEB-DL x264 720p

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Dating Fever 2013 720p WEB-DL x264.AAC-SmY (ChN HSubs)
Director: Han Jing
Screenplay: Wang Xu / Gu Zheng Yi
Starring: Han Xue / Du Haitao / Gilbert Air / Xie Lin / Feng Ming Chao
Genre: Comedy / Romance
Producer countries / regions : China
Language : Mandarin
Release date : 2013-11-01 ( Mainland China )
Running time: 107 minutes
Also known as : Dating Fever

Glamorous compelling, at once intimate meeting, rich kids Zhao Shuai ( Li Jia Hang ornaments ) was dumped his grace, rejected the initiative to strike up a conversation , he is unwilling to pull out all the stops to launch love offensive , the results fiasco . Play crazy tweeted ( Xie Lin ornaments ) wrote and performed five different personalities girl otaku river fish ( Feng Ming Chao ornaments ) under the command of the remote control with the mother "Metro flash about ," staged a blind date comedy dumbfounding . Frequently unsuccessful blind Scout ( Du Haitao ornaments ) witnessed this scene , suddenly was weird tweeted attracted scouts before blind due process was too shrewd woman tucao , tweeted that he suddenly appeared startled mind . In fact, the fish has a crush on Michelle called friends (???ornaments ) , because of his own personality , their relationship has remained aloof , the delay taken a key step ......

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