Dispersed Clouds 1951 DVD VOB

Posted 21/02/2016 Film

Five women classmates from a college in Tokyo are on the first stretch of a walking tour when one of them, Fujimura Masako, falls ill at a railway station. Osen, a middle-aged maid from a nearby inn, takes her in and nurses her, assisted by Dr. Minami, a young physician who diagnoses her illness as a mild case of pneumonia. With Masako in good hands and needing ten days to recuperate, her classmates continue their tour. Masako’s recovery, however, is hampered by her spoiled and immature nature and her determination to punish the world for the loss of her mother.

Dispersed Clouds わかれ雲 (1951) DVDRip TV Rip x264-AF
DVD / VOB / 2.97 GB
Subtitle: English


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