The Divine Move 2014 HDRip x264 720p

Posted 05/09/2014 Film

The Divine Move (English title) / God's One Move Shinui Han Soo 신의 한 수
Director: Jo Bum-Gu
Genre: Action / Crime
Language: Korean

Tae-Suk (Jung Woo-Sung) and two associates run a scam during a high stakes game of go. The game goes horribly wrong, with the outcome resulting in the murder of Tae-Suk's brother. Meanwhile, Tae-Suk is framed for his brother's death and is sentenced to prison for 7 years.
Tae-Suk then schemes to inflict maximum pain upon the criminals that killed his brother. Tae-Suk must first master the game of go and also learn to kill with his fists.

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