Dragon Ball Z Fukkatsu no F (2015) CD Album


Distributor: King Records
Year: 2015 May 8
Country: Japan
Format: FLAC
Birate: Lossless

IMDb Link: www.imdb.com/title/tt3819668/

Track List:
1. March of the Stuffed Toys (Prologue)
2. The Pilaf Gang
3. Shenlong Comes Out
4. CHA-LA HEAD-CHA-LA (Main Theme)
5. One Million Zenny Get!
6. Frieza’s Potential
7. A Peaceful Moment
8. Kuririn’s Theme
9. Kuririn Freaks Out
10. Training With Whis
11. The Teachings of Whis
12. A Mysterious Pair
13. Frieza’s Army Invades
14. Imminent Fear
15. Team Dragon’s Battle
16. Completely Outnumbered
17. Piccolo Struggles
18. Frieza’s Horrific Power
19. Goku’s Instant Movement (Shunkan-Idō)
20. The Ruthless Frieza
21. Golden Frieza Takes the Stage
22. A Death Match With Golden Frieza
23. Goku’s Counterattack
24. Goku’s Anger
25. The Sneaky Frieza
26. Frieza’s Madness
27. Vegeta’s Conflict
28. The Earth’s Last Moments
29. Our Hero, Son Goku
30. Vow of “Z” (After the Battle)
31. March of the Stuffed Toys (Epilogue)
32. Vow of “Z” —Movie ver.—

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