DREAMS COME TRUE – “Watashi no Dreams Come” Special (SSTV 2015.07.12) HDTV MPEG2 1080p


[TV-Variety] DREAMS COME TRUE - "Watashi no Dreams come" Special (SSTV 2015.07.12)
(DREAMS COME TRUE - "私のドリカム" スペシャル (SSTV 2015.07.12))
MPEG2 / HDTV / 2.34 GB

Release Info
1440x1080 60min

Told by Masato Nakamura of solo interview, and thought of carrying Complete Best album release.
E-girls(Aya, Reina Washio) is also talk that celebrated.
Comments also referrals from celebrities of 6 active in various genres with exchanges with Dreams Come True.
comment: Takahiro Azuma, Teppei Kishida, Koichi Tsutaya, Keita Maruyama, Yoshiki Mizuno, Saori Yoshida

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