Drunken Master (1978) Bluray BD50 1080p

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An undisciplined boy must learn Drunken Fist Kung Fu in order to stop an assassin.

Drunken Master 醉拳 (1978) AVC 1080p BD50+BD25 - HKR Custom
BLURAY / BDMV / BD50+BD25 / 1080p

Genre: Martial Arts / Comedy
Distributor: Sony
Year: 1978
Country: Hong Kong
Director: Yuen Woo-Ping
Source: New Japanese Blu-ray and all available home releases
Blu-ray Codec: AVC
Blu-ray Size: BD50, BD25
Programs Used: Adobe Premier CC, Adobe Encore CS6, Adobe After Effects CC,
Audacity, Imgburn, Subtitle Edit, Adobe Photoshop, tsMuxer, MANY other
programs as well
Screen Format: 2.35:1 Widescreen
Resolution: 1080p - Sourced from the new Japanese Blu-ray that contains a pristine, new
Subtitles: English, rewritten and greatly improved by Ken81.
Menu: Professionally authored to match or exceed the presentation of any other
home release
Video: Untouched
Audio: Untouched
Extras: All available extras from all home releases are compiled in this version.
Uploader's Comments:
Here is the new Hong Kong Rescue release of Jackie Chan's Drunken Master! This title is the ultimate version of Jackie's classic breakthrough film. This is a 2-disc set that is packed with audio tracks, interviews and tons of rare special features!

Ken81 worked on the subtitles and I made some further improvements and tweaks. This translation almost qualifies as a total rewrite given how drastically improved it is over any of the horrid dubtitles that plague other releases. The English subtitles are fantastic.

For everyone that is wondering, for the default audio track we are proud to present the original, complete unedited Cantonese audio track taken from the HKVideo PAL French DVD, carefully and meticulously synced up to the HD transfer! For those that know about this film, this is a big deal. As many of you know, the Japanese Blu-ray had a Cantonese track that was heavily altered. The dialog is intact but many sound effects are altered and the mix is rather muffled in general, lacking impact. The French HKVideo release is, to my knowledge, the ONLY source for the complete and unedited Cantonese audio track.

The problem was that the source was in PAL and the Blu-ray is NTSC, or 23.976 fps. This complicates efforts to sync up the audio. Furthermore, as I found out, the French DVD has many missing frames in comparison to the Japanese Blu-ray. Between scene changes, at least thirty to fifty times throughout the film, the video is missing between 3 and as many as 16 frames. You wouldn't notice this by watching it but it throws the audio WAY off even when it is stretched to the correct FPS.

So I worked out a unique solution.

What I did was merge the VOB files for the main film in the DVD Video folder for the HKVideo version of Drunken Master that I have. Then I loaded this VOB file in Virtualdub-MPEG2 and changed the framerate from 25 to 23.976 and saving it as a lossless AVI.

Then I opened up the HKVideo Cantonese track in Audacity and changed the speed of the audio until the length was EXACTLY, to the frame, as long as the altered framerate HKVideo Drunken Master AVI.

Then I loaded up the AVI and WAV files into Premiere and then imported the Japanese Blu-ray M2TS. Then I matched up, frame for frame, the AVI video file to the identical frames on the M2TS file. But at the same time, I cut and moved the WAV file to match up.

This way, the audio track matches up perfectly, frame to frame, as the HKVideo original! There were many little areas of a couple frames here or there that were missing from the HKVideo version. The necessary gaps can't be heard when playing the video in realtime, but just in case, I used the Japanese Cantonese track to add in the audio to the missing frames section so there wouldn't be any audio drops at all when watching the film.

I don't do quick, sloppy audio syncs. They have to be perfect, or as close to perfect as is possible. It usually takes many hours and I do this for all the audio tracks that I include.

Here are the audio tracks that are now included:

1. The Original, unaltered Cantonese Audio in LPCM 2.0 sourced from the HKVideo DVD
2. The Altered Cantonese LPCM audio from the Japanese Blu-ray
3. Remixed Cantonese in Dolby Digital 5.1
4. New US English Dub in Dolby 2.0
5. Original Rank English Dub in Dolby 2.0
6. Mandarin audio in Dolby 2.0
7. Japanese Dub Dolby 2.0 taken from the Japanese Blu-ray
8. Rick Meyers and Jeff Yang commentary taken from the Hong Kong Legends DVD

For the second BONUS disc, I include a lot of special features, some of which cannot be found anywhere else. My buddy Darren supplies me with rare and unique features to include along with the more commonly available features.

There are two GREAT features that I took from the Japanese Blu-ray. The first is a 35 minute interview with Jackie Chan where he speaks about filming Drunken Master and Snake in the Eagles Shadow for the 35th Anniversary. The second video involves Jackie giving a guided tour of the Jackie Chan Film Gallery in China.

Both features obviously didn't have English subs since they were taken from the Japanese Blu-ray. So new English subs have been created from scratch. I've got contractors I hire on occasion to translate Japanese to English, Cantonese to English or French to English whatever the case may be. In this case it was worth it because these features are so informative and valuable.

Here is the full rundown of special features on the bonus disc:

1.Interview with Jackie Chan taken from the Japanese Blu-ray

Discussed above.

2.Interview with Producer Ng See Yuen

3. A Conversation with director Yuen Woo-Ping

This is one of the features supplied by Darren and it is an extensive and in depth interview with Yuen Woo-ping on his early life and career as a director.

4.Tour of the Jackie Chan Film Gallery

Discussed above

5.36 Crazy Fists - Behind the Scenes

This is a very rare, short feature showing Jackie choreographing a fight scene and training with his team some time around 1977

6. "Dragon Power" Scene

This is an excerpt from a TV Documentary on Jackie and his methods as an action star.

7. Hwang Jang Lee in Action

This is a short clip from another project that shows actor Hwang Jang Lee displaying his kicking techniques on several adversaries at once.

8.Deleted Scene

A deleted scene from Drunken Master

9. Drunken Master Trailers

Two original theatrical trailers for Drunken Master played backed to back.

10.Image Gallery

This one is special. It was handmade by my friend Darren and comprises a slideshow timed to music that shows all the cover art of the various releases of Drunken Master, rare memorabilia, pop culture art and behind the scenes photos.

11. Japanese Blu-ray Promos

Advertisements for the 35th Anniversary Blu-ray release of Drunken Master and Snake in the Eagle's Shadow in Japan.

12.Twins Parody

This is a funny parody of the Drunken Master training scenes made by the silly Asian pop performers "Twins".

13.Hong Kong Rescue Trailer

As always, I can sell you a hard copy in professional packaging if you'd like. These uploads are large and some don't have the connection speed and share ratio to get all my films. Or you may just want a professionally assembled version that you can keep on your shelf for years to come.


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