EastNewSound – Infect Paranoia [2014] CD Album

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EastNewSound - Infect Paranoia [2014] CD
FLAC / Lossless / CD / 352.12 Mb

   #Vocal:紫咲ほたる Compose:琉姫アルナ [ALVINE] Lyric:紫咲ほたる
   #Vocal:miko [Alternative ending] Compose:きりん Lyric:くまりす
◆03:Same Nightmare
   #Vocal:花咲あんな Compose:黒鳥 Lyric:海兎
◆04:Error Message
   #Vocal:紫咲ほたる Compose:Tracy [Amateras Records] Lyric:海兎
   #Vocal:花咲あんな Compose:MUZIK SERVANT [音召缶] Lyric:くまりす
   #Vocal:夕月椿 Compose:黒鳥 Lyric:海兎
   #Vocal:茶々 Compose:溝口ゆうま [M.H.S] Lyric:海兎
   #Vocal:茶太 [ウサギキノコ] Compose:きりん Lyric:海兎
   #Vocal:綾瀬理恵 Compose:黒鳥 Lyric:くまりす
   #Vocal:夕月椿Compose:きりん Lyric:夕月椿


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