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• Movie: The Empire Symbol / 帝国秘符
• Chinese : Di Guo Mi Fu / 帝国秘符
• Director: Lee Tso-Nam (李作楠) , Yu Junhao (虞军豪) , Tang Weiwen (唐伟文)
• Producer: Zhu Chang-Yao (朱昌耀) , Lu Xin-Dong (陆兴东) , Yang Ning (杨宁 ) , Jiang Ping (江平)
• Writer: Yu Junhao (虞军豪)
• Release Date : September 18 , 2013
• Runtime : 93 min
• Genre : Action , Adventure
• Language: Mandarin
• Country: China

• Pan Yueming (潘粤明)
• Shizuka Inoh / Annie Yi (伊能静)
• Hou Yong (侯勇)
• Hu Ke (胡可)

The story of “Empire Symbol” is quiet dramatic and it is called Chinese “The Da Vinci Code”: a group of people seems unrelated--- an auto mechanic Cheng Xi (acted by Pan Yueming), a policewoman Mei Jia (acted by Hu Ke) and a Japanese archaeologist Xiao Yelingzi (acted by Yi Nengjing), they are bonded by an invaluable empire treasure of Ming Dynasty. With the mystery is solved, everyone starts a hunt for love, fortune and power.

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