Especia – CARTA (Limited Edition) 2016 CD+DVD Album

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[Album] Especia - CARTA [2016.02.24]
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Release Info
This is the 1st full major album by Especia.
The album is released in three different editions. The first limited edition comes with a 90-minute DVD of the show held on May 31, 2015 at Umeda Club Quattro in Osaka. The second comes with a bonus CD of remixes and instrumentals. There's also a regular edition of just the main CD.

This comes with a bit of drama, as three of the current 5 members will quit the group at the end of February, because of a move from Osaka to Tokyo. So this album is the last release to feature the current line-up. The members who will be leaving are Sannomiya Chika, Mise Chihiro and Wakita Monari. Tominaga Haruka and Mori Erika will remain.

1. Clover
2. Over Time
3. Sunshower
4. Interstellar
5. Saga
6. Saudade
7. Rittenhouse Square
8. Mistake
9. Fader
10. Saturday Night
11. Boogie Aroma (CARTA Ver.)
12. Aviator (CARTA Edit)

1. We are Especia ~nakinagara Dancing~
2. West Philly
3. Sweet Tactics
4. Secret Jive
5. Sayonara Cruisin'
6. Security Lucy
7. Midnight Confusion
8. Parliament
9. FunkyRock
10. YA-ME-TE!
11. Aventure wa giniro ni (PellyColo remix)
12. No1 Sweeper (nueva cocina)
13. Umibe no Satie (va Bien Edit)
14. Boogie Aroma
15. Aviator
16. Kirameki Seaside (12" Extended Ver)

1. Aviator (HyperJuice Remix)
2. West Philly (Tomggg Remix)
3. Security Lucy (Masayoshi Iimori Remix)
4. We are Especia ~nakinagara Dancing ~ (mel house Remix)
5. We are Especia ~nakinagara Dancing~ (autoclef remix)
6. Clover (Instrumental)
7. Over Time (Instrumental)
8. Sunshower (Instrumental)
9. Interstellar (Instrumental)
10. Saga (Instrumental)
11. Rittenhouse Square (Instrumental)
12. Mistake (Instrumental)
13. Fader (Instrumental)
14. Boogie Aroma (CARTA Ver. Instrumental)
15. Aviator (CARTA Edit Instrumental)

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