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[Single] Ether - Ixtplzn_REM`SELCA ~Jinkou Datenshi~ [2016.06.17]
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(Ether - Ixtplzn_REM`SELCA ~人工堕天使~)

★2 special-short tracks made especially for the 4th edition of pixiv APOLLO's event, by Erumu Nagi(Ether's vocalist).
Released: 2016.06.17 (Digital DL)

1. Ixtplzn_REM`SELCA ~人工堕天使~
2. Ixtplzn_REM`SELCA ~人工堕天使~(off vocal)

Vocal & Lyrics: エルム凪 (Erumu Nagi)
Composition: 前田煉子 (Maeda Neriko)
Illustration: アカミツキ (Akamitsuki)

●Ether official HP:

These files can all be downloaded at Usenet.

[2016.06.17] エルム凪(Ether) – Ixtplzn_REM`SELCA ~人工堕天使~ – mp3.rar mirror

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