The Fearless Hyena (1979) Bluray BD25 1080p

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Jackie Chan is a youngster, living in a remote village with his grandfather who teaches him Kung-Fu. He keeps getting into fights, even though his grandfather warns him not to show their Kung-Fu to others. Jackie, though, is tempted by some thugs he beat up to act as the master of a Kung-Fu school. This school's name apparently spreads far, as an old enemy of Jackie's grandfather shows up and attacks him. Jackie goes on training with the help of another member of the old gang, until he can eventually get revenge.

The Fearless Hyena 笑拳怪招 (1979) AVC 1080p BD25 - Custom

IMDb Link:

Genre: Action / Comedy
Distributor: Custom
Year: 1979
Country: Hong Kong
Director: Jackie Chan
Source: Custom
Blu-ray Codec: AVC
Blu-ray Size: BD25
Programs Used: AnyDVD, Virtualdub, Audacity
Screen Format: Widescreen
Resolution: 1080p (Fortune Star Upscale)
Subtitles: English

Menu: Custom
Video: Untouched
Audio: Untouched
Extras: Custom

. Cantonese Mono LPCM
. English Mono DD 2.0

-Audio Commentary
-Jackie Chan Interview
-Restoration: Before and After
-Photo Gallery
-Intro to Japanese Version
-Bonus film: Fearless Hyena Part II (in SD)

Uploader's Comments:
The main purpose of this custom is to restore the one missing second of footage missing from the Fortune Star transfer. The shot of Jackie falling to his knees is replaced by a still image, probably due to print damage. The footage does however appear in the sequel. So I used the footage from the sequel in inserted it back into the movie. Additionally, I tweaked the colors a bit. I also added the English subtitles from the HKL release and the English dub from the Sony release. Plus, a few extras from various sources.

Thanks to IcePrink at ADC

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