FictionJunction – FictionJunction 2010-2013 The BEST of Yuki Kajiura LIVE 2 [2015] Web Album


[Album] FictionJunction - FictionJunction 2010-2013 The BEST of Yuki Kajiura LIVE 2 [2015.06.03]
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Release Info
Second greatest live tracks album from FictionJunction, a solo project by Yuki Kajiura. Includes tracks selected from the sixth through the tenth volume of the concert series "Yuki Kajiura LIVE" held from 2011 to 2013 on three discs.


(DISC 1)
M-3: 秘密 (Himitsu)
M-4: sweet memories
[※vol.#6 2010.5.16 @なんばHatch]

M-5: hepatica
M-6: godsibb
M-7: a song of storm and fire
M-8: ring your song
M-9: 時の向こう 幻の空 (Toki no Mukou Maboroshi no Sora)
[※vol.#6 2010.5.30 @YOKOHAMA BLITZ]

M-10: Elenore
M-11: MADLAX Mix
M-12: cazador del amor
[※vol.#6 2010.6.6@名古屋DIAMOND HALL]

M-13: winter
M-14: secret game
M-15: maze
M-16: canta per me
M-17: salva nos
M-18: where the lights are
[※vol.#6 2010.6.13@JCB HALL]

(DISC 2)
M-1: lotus
M-2: E.G.O.
M-3: I swear
M-4: heigen
[※vol.#7 2011.6.29 @NHK HALL]

M-5: the beginning of the end
M-6: the battle is to the strong
M-7: satoyama main theme
M-8: Credens justitiam
M-9: maybe tomorrow
[※vol.#8 2012.3.16@渋谷公会堂]

M-10:光の行方 (Hikari no Yukue)
M-11: 銀の橋 (Gin no Hashi)
[※vol.#9 DAY-1 2012.8.31@新国立劇場 中劇場]

M-12: the mercy of nature
M-13: first Love
M-14: carnaval in blue
M-15: We're Gonna Groove
M-16: moonflower
[※vol.#9 DAY-2 2012.9.1@新国立劇場 中劇場]

M-17: paradise regained
[※vol.#9 DAY-3 2012.9.2 @新国立劇場 中劇場]

(DISC 3)
M-1: Distance
M-2: stone cold
M-3: うた (Uta)
M-4: 優しい夜明け (Yasashii Yoake)
M-5: Point Zero
M-6: let the stars fall down
M-7: Rainbow ~Main Theme~
M-8: luminous sword
M-9: Historia: opening theme
M-10: voices silently sing
M-11: once upon a time there was you and me
M-12: Alone
M-13: Bloody rabbit
M-14: Contractor
M-15: the world
M-16: fake wings
M-17: Sweet Song
M-18: open your heart
[※vol.#10 Kaji Fes 2013.5.11@東京国際フォーラムA]

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