Forever Young 2014 WEB-DL x264 1080p

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Forever Young 2014 1080p WEB-DL x264 AAC-SmY [ENG SUBS]

AKA: bloom of youth
Genre: Drama, Romanc, Music
Release Date: 2014
Runtime: 95min
Director: Gengxu Lu
Country: China
Language: Mandarin
Subtitles: English , Chinese

吕聿来 Yulai Lu ....青年马路
秦昊 Qin Hao ....中年郑天亮
张晓晨 Xiaochen Zhang ....青年郑天亮
温心 Swan ....青年李爱
刘孜 Zi Liu ....安静
杜海涛 Haitao Du ....青年钱大宝
王啸坤 Xiaokun Wang
韩秋池 Qiuchi Han ....中年侯亮
王东方 Dongfang Wang ....中年钱大宝
王思思 Si Si Wang ....青年刘云
谭卓 Zhuo Tan
严宽 Kuan Yan
叶世荣 Sai-Wing Yip
张琪 Qi Zhang
崔健 Jian Cui ....特别出演
汪峰 Feng Wang ....特别出演
卢庚戌 Gengxu Lu

Road (Pan Yueming decoration) is a mid-level white-collar dating sites, stress and mediocre work boring family life so that he lost the passion for life. One day, his quiet life was 20 years ago, my first girlfriend loves a surprise visit Lee's phone broke.
Meet the road and Lee love to meet several times for various reasons unable to do it, but the emotions and memories of his youth has been opened, then to Lee Love (warm heart ornaments), young, he (Lu Yu to ornaments) and Zheng Tianliang (zhangxiaochen ornaments ), Qian Bao (Du Haitao ornaments), Hou Liang (WangXiaoKun ornaments) a foursome called "bloom" of the band, a variety of vivid memories, and that the first year has been no love letter to Lee sing out song is hidden in the depths of his heart regret.
Memories of the road gradually recover during the passion and dreams of youth, he and old friend Zheng Tianliang (Qin Hao ornaments), Qian Bao (King Oriental ornaments), Hou Liang (Korea Qiuchi ornaments) Restructuring band, sang in the sea year is not finished singing the song, a few middle-aged people have completed their life again in full bloom ......

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