Gassoh 2015 DVD5 VOB

Posted 13/11/2016 Film

Gassoh 合葬 (2015) NTSC DVD5
DVD / VOB / Untouched
Subtitle: English
Genre: Jidai-geki / Action / Drama
In the year 1868, three young men join the elite Shogitai division of the Shogunate. The Shogitai fights to the end and opposes the dismantling of the feudal military dictatorship known as the Bakufu system.

Kiwamu Akitsu (Yuya Yagira) is loyal to Yoshinobu Tokugawa. He breaks off an engagement with Teijiro Fukuhara’s younger sister and joins the Shogitai.

Masanosuke Yoshimori (Koji Seto) is a childhood friend of Kiwamu Akitsu and Teijiro Fukuhara. He is kicked out by his adopted family and doesn't have a place to go. He then joins the Shogitai.

Teijiro Fukuhara (Amane Okayama) is upset that Kiwamu Akitsu broke off the engagement to his younger sister. He crosses paths with Kiwamu Akitsu and Masanosuke Yoshimori. Kiwamu Akitsu advises Masanosuke Yoshimori to join the Shogitai.

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Gassoh 合葬 (2015) NTSC DVD5.part1.rar
Gassoh 合葬 (2015) NTSC DVD5.part2.rar
Gassoh 合葬 (2015) NTSC DVD5.part3.rar mirror

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