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A story of two sisters, the older being more traditional, the younger a "moga" ("modern girl"). Their widowed father runs the family sake shop -- but is running into financial trouble (causing him to make some bad decisions). Meanwhile, his long-time mistress's little business is also on the rocks. Amidst this, the older sister is introduced to a well-off suitor (a university boy who is much more intrigued by the less traditional "little sister"). Add a dotty grandfather, an officious uncle and busy body neighbors. (Quote from

The Girl in the Rumour 噂の娘 (1935) NTSC DVD5 - TV Rip, Naruse Mikio, No subs

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Genre: Drama
Distributor: TV-Rip
Year: 1935
Country: Japan
Director: Naruse Mikio (成瀬巳喜男)
Screenplay: Naruse Mikio
Camera: Suzuki Hiroshi (鈴木 博)
Music: Ito Noboru (伊藤 昇)
Cast: Chiba Sachiko (千葉早智子)
Umezono Tatsuko (梅園龍子)
Mihashi Ko (御橋 公)
Ito Tomoko (伊藤智子)
Okawa Heihachiro (大川平八郎)
Fujiwara Kamatari (藤原鎌足)
Shiomi Yo (汐見 洋)
Mishima Masao (三島雅夫)
Production: P.C.L.
Original Title: Uwasa no musume
Run Time: 54 min

Source: TV (SD Format 480i)
DVD Format: NTSC
DVD Size: DVD5
Programs Used: IfoEdit, VobEdit
Screen Format: 4:3 (Fullscreen)
Audio Language: Japanese
Audio Format: AC3
Subtitles: non

Menu: Non
Video: Re-encoded (no chapters)
DVD Extras: None on source

Uploader's Comments:
This is TV-rip also but fullscreen.:-)

The 8th of Kinema Junpo Awards, 1935.

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