Girls’ Generation – The Best [2014] Limited Complete Edition Bluray


SNSD Girls' Generation - The Best [2014.07.23]
ISO / Blu-Ray [42.73 GB]
Label : EMI Records / Universal Music
UPCH-29171 / 4988005831767

The menues don't seem to work. I'm not sure where that issue comes from. I examined my disc closely, there are no scratches on there. I also used testing software which gave no read errors whatsoever (not one). THE GOOD NEWS: I played the disc with MPC-HC and all the videos play flawlessly. You can choose between different playlists going to the bar on the top under "Navigate -> Blu-Ray Playlists" (an inconvenience, I admit). Since my disc doesn't have any physical damage and all the videos play without fault, I assume that SM messed up. Fortunately, the only problem is the disappearance of the menues, all content is on there! (MVs, Interview, Making of...) I hope this is satisfactory for everybody, please excuse this problem.

Amendment: I just played the disc on my PS3. The menu works there. It is very likely that my MPC-HC is just not up-to-date or something. I will leave my "warning" in this description, in case somebody has a problem with that. So, to be clear: On my PS3, the menues and the videos DO work. The problem might be lying with my video player. Do not worry smile.gif


Korean&English MVs:
Into the New World
Girls' Generation
Kissing You
Run Devil Run
Run Devil Run Story ver.
Hoot Dance ver.
The Boys
The Boys (English ver.)
I Got a Boy

Japanese MVs:
Genie Dance ver.
Gee Dance ver.
Run Devil Run
Run Devil Run Dance ver.
Mr. Taxi
Mr. Taxi Dance ver.
Bad Girl
Time Machine
Paparazzi Dance Edit GOLD
Oh! Dance ver.
All My Love Fs For You
Flower Power
Flower Power Dance ver.
Beep Beep
Love&Girls Dance ver.
Galaxy Supernova
Galaxy Supernova Dance ver.
My oh My

Everyday Love (from the Free Live Concert “LOVE&PEACE“ in Yokohama-Arena 2013.12.14)
Mr. Taxi (Split Screen ver.)
Solo Interview Movie
Making of The Best
Girls' Generation Live History 2010-2014

These files can all be downloaded at Usenet.


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