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Aki (Kumiko Aso) is a former guitarist for a punk band. She became pregnant and gave birth to a daughter named Hatsuki (Ayaka Miyoshi). The mother and daughter live together happily, but they do have different personalities. A man named Yagu (Yo Oizumi]) then enters their life. He is an ex-member of the punk band that Aki played with. Yagu has feelings for Aki.

Good Morning Everyone! グッモーエビアン! (2012) NTSC DVD9 - Custom subs

IMDb Link:
Alias: G'mor Evian!

Genre: Drama / Family / Comedy / Music
Distributor: Amuse Soft Entertainment
Year: 2012
Country: Japan
Director: Toru Yamamoto

Source: DVD9 Rental
DVD Format: NTSC
DVD Size: DVD9
Programs Used: PGC Demux, Subtitle Workshop, MuxMan,
VobBlanker, PGC Edit, DVDSub Edit
Video Bitrate: VBR
Screen Format: Widescreen (16:9)
Audio Language: Japanese
Audio Format: DD 2.0, DD 5.1
Subtitles: English Custom

Menu: Untouched
Video: Untouched
DVD Extras: Untouched

Uploader's Comments:
I'm eternally grateful to comawave for buying the source DVD
English subtitles by Stythe from euphoric translations

Thanks to chapaev at ADC

Mainichi Film Concours, 2012
Won Mainichi Film Concours
Best New Actress

Yokohama Film Festival, 2013
Won Festival Prize
Best Supporting Actress

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