Gosho Aoyama’s Collection of Short Stories Renewal 2011 DVD ISO

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Throughout his years as a manga artist, Gosho Aoyama has created a handful of standalone short stories. The short stories have been collected and put together as a single volume a few times under the title Gosho Aoyama's Collection of Short Stories

Includes Various short works written over the years: Play It Again (プレイ イット アゲイン?) Excalibur (えくすかりばぁ?) Santa Claus in the summer (夏のサンタクロース Natsu no Santa Claus?) The detective George's job (Detective George's little little & great operations) (探偵ジョージのミニミニ大作戦 Tantei Jooji no minimini daisakusen?) Wait a Minute Shōnen Sunday 19(talk) show "The wandering red butterfly" (サンデー19show さまよえる赤い蝶 Shōnen Sunday 19(tō-ku) show samayoeru akai chō?)

Genre: Action | Animation | Comedy
Distributor: Shogakukan
Year: 2011
Country: Japan
Director: (director name)

Wiki : www.detectiveconanworld.com/wiki/Gosho_Aoyama's_Collection_of_Short_Stories
Source: DVD5
DVD Format: NTSC
DVD Size: DVD5
Programs Used: Any DVD
Video Bitrate:
Screen Format: Fullscreen
Audio Language: Japanese
Audio Format: DD 20, DD 51, DTS, etc
Subtitles: None

Menu: [x] Untouched
[ ] Stripped

Video: [x] Untouched
[ ] Re-encoded

DVD Extras: [x] Untouched
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[ ] None on source


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