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Fukasaku's first feature provides immediate evidence of his craftsmanship. After a successful robbery the culprits, from very different backgrounds, at once turn on each other.

Greed in Broad Daylight 白昼の無頼漢 (1961) R2J NTSC DVD5 - Fukasaku Kinji, No subs

In the year he made his début, Fukasaku produced four shorter low-budget films of about sixty minutes, followed by this first feature. In a murderous tempo, fluid camerawork shows a raid on a security transport with cash for an American army base. There are seven thieves in the gang including Yakuza, street thugs, a black soldier, a Korean and an American. Because they all demand the booty for themselves, their cooperation degenerates into a treacherous tangle of racism, greed and deceit. The raid is a success, but then the crooks turn on each-other. The involvement of a Yakuza gang causes even more confusion. The film ends in a ghost town after the last fight to the death. Only the black soldier and his half-blood Japanese lover survive the fight. He stares at us with a blank expression on his face. Around this time, all the studios were making this kind of 'un-Japanese' action films with an international cast. The 'un-Japanese' element was in the attempt to turn the crash between the different nationalities into drama and to show it as reflection of the brutal power and intensity of greed. The style of this film returns in the series Jingi naki tatakai/Battles Without Honour and Humanity. Greed in Broad Daylight brought Fukasaku to the attention of several critics for the first time. (Quote from International Film Festival Rotterdam web site)

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Genre: Action / Drama / Crime
Distributor: Toei Video
Year: 1961
Country: Japan
Director: Fukasaku Kinji (深作欣二)
Screenplay: Saji Susumu (佐治 乾)
Camera: Hoshijima Ichiro (星島一郎)
Music: Kawabe Koichi (河辺公一)
Cast: Tanba Tetsuro (丹波哲郎)
Sone Harumi (曽根晴美)
Kasuga Shunji (春日俊二 a.k.a. Kasuga Akira)
Isaac Sackson
Nakahara Hitomi (中原ひとみ)
Oki Ryuji (沖 竜次)
Kubo Naoko (久保菜穂子)
Danny Uma
Yanagi Eijiro (柳永二郎)
Yashiro Machiko (八代万智子)
Sudo Ken (須藤 健)
Production: New Toei
Original Title: Hakuchu no buraikan
Run Time: 82 min

Source: DVD5 Retail
DVD Format: NTSC
DVD Size: DVD5
Programs Used: DVD Decrypter
Screen Format: Widescreen
Audio Language: Japanese (and some English lines)
Audio Format: DD 2.0
Subtitles: Japanese (for English lines)

Menu: Untouched
Video: Untouched
DVD Extras: Untouched
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