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Posted 15/01/2016 Film

In Naruse's next to last film, he stayed with black and white film. This is once again, in terms of plot, a bit of a shocker. We meet Kuniko (a young widow, played by Hideko Takamine) and her much-beloved young only son, the boy is run over by Kinuko (played by Yoko Tsukasa the rich spoiled wife of an automobile executive). Kinuko, it turns out, was distracted at the time of the accident because her companion in the car, a hunkish younger man who is her lover, had just told her of his plan to soon begin a far-away job. Kinuko tells her husband of the accident (but not the precipitating cause), and he orders the corporate chauffeur (Yutaka Sada, who was also the unfortunate chauffeur in "High and Low"). Luckily for him, he gets off with a small fine and a suspended sentence. Kuniko is disgusted, and while drowning her post-trial sorrows at a bar with her yakuza-ish younger brother, overhears an old lady discussing the accident with her friends, mention that "lady drivers are so dreadful". As it turns out, the old lady was an eyewitness -- and can describe the real hit and run driver. However, because the case has already been satisfactorily closed, the police take no interest in the story of Kuniko and her witness. Consequently, Kuniko decides to seek revenge on her own...

Hit and Run ひき逃げ 1966 DVDRip x264-AF
x264 1h 34mn 2 456 Kbps 710x304 pixels Constant 29.970 fps
AC-3 Constant 224 Kbps 1 channel 48.0 KHz Mono Japanese
Subtitle: English Custom


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