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Check-in to the Hotel Deluxe with the stars! All's Well Ends Well series producer Raymond Wong is back with his latest Lunar New Year comedy extravaganza, bringing together Hong Kong's biggest comedy stars for an uproarious good time to ring in the Year of the Snake. All's Well Ends Well 2009 director Vincent Kuk brings the production Hangzhou's gorgeous Qiandao Lake for this story about the crazy happenings in a five-star hotel fighting to keep its elite status. In addition to familiar All's Well stars Sandra Ng, Ronald Cheng, Chapman To, Lynn Xiong and Raymond Wong himself, Hotel Deluxe welcomes newcomers Fiona Sit, Jim Chim and Teresa Mo, who is facing off Sandra Ng onscreen for the first time in 20 years.

Hotel Deluxe 百星酒店 (2013) NTSC DVD9

The staff of the Hundred Stars Hotel are not particularly good at their job, but they do their best to satisfy all their long as it's not too much trouble. When their five-star status is at risk, corporate headquarters decides to send Cruella Koo (Teresa Mo) to the hotel to make sure the staff do their part in keeping the hotel's stars. Koo's first step in her plan is inviting a film shoot to the hotel, along with competing superstars Audrey (Lynn Xiong) and Marilyn (Karena Ng). Manager OK Pao (Ronald Cheng) immediately falls for Marilyn, even though frequent visitor/old friend Bobo (Fiona Sit) is secretly in love with him. Meanwhile, heiress Bobo must find a husband to stop her uncle (Raymond Wong) from getting his hands on the family fortune. With the help of OK Pao, the entire hotel staff – including maid Peachey (Sandra Ng) and bartender Pacino (Chapman To) – decide to pitch in to help Bobo.

Brand new “Hundred Stars Hotel” is a will-equipped five-star hotel located at Qiandao Lake, Hangzhou. However, this hotel is run by a group of incompetent staff including OK (Ronald Cheng) the Assistant Manager, Pacino (Chapman To) the Chief Bartender, Peach (Sandra Ng) the Head of Housekeeping and Sammy (Janelle Sing) the Receptionist. Rumor has it that a mysterious hotel detective will arrive soon and define the rating of “Hundred Stars Hotel”. In order to match the five-star standard, harsh Cruella (Teresa Mo) has been appointed as the Hotel Manager to restructure the hotel.

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Genre............: Comedy
Distributor......: Vicol Entertainment LTD
Year.............: 2013
Country..........: Hong Kong
Director.........: Vincent Kok

Source...........: DVD9 Retail
DVD Format.......: NTSC
DVD Size.........: DVD9
Programs Used....: DVD Decrypter
Video Bitrate....: 16:9
Screen Format....: Widescreen
Audio Language...: Cantonese, Mandarin
Audio Format.....: Dolby Digital 5.1
Subtitles........: Traditional Chinese, Simplified Chinese, English

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[ ] Stripped

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