The Huntresses 2013 DVDRip XviD

Posted 05/09/2014 Film

Original Title: 조선미녀 삼총사
Director: Park Je-Hyun
Writer: Kim Ga-young,Kang Chul-kyu,Kim Ba-da
Genre: Action | Comedy
Language: Korean
Country: South Korea
Runtime: 107 Min

The Joseon Dynasty’s top bounty hunters — lethal ladies Jin Ok (Ha Ji Won), Hong Dan (Kang Ye Won) and Ga Bi (Son Ga In) have never failed an assignment, but suddenly find themselves pitted against unstoppable forces when the king sends them on a secret mission to recover a precious celestial device. The hunt is on to restore order in the kingdom, with assassins and mysterious figures thwarting every step of the way.

Ha Ji-won as Jin-ok
Fearless leader of the group with unstoppable drive and charisma. Also an inventor of unique weapons with the ability to disguise herself.
Kang Ye-won as Hong-dan
A married woman (ajumma) who is better at throwing daggers than cooking and better in tumbling than housework. She's swift with a sword and thinks money is the best thing on earth.
Son Ga-in as Ga-bi
The youngest of the group, she's a fist first and ask questions later kind of person.
Ko Chang-seok as Mu-myeong
A monk (Mu-myeong literally means no name).
Joo Sang-wook as Sa-hyeon
A warrior who threatens the three women.
Choi Seong-min as Kim Ja-heon
Park Dong-bin as One-eyed 1
Ha Yong-jin as One-eyed 2
Yoon Hee-won as Police chief
Hwang Taek-ha as Eop-dong
Han Yeong-soo as Chil-bok
Lee Yoo-joon as Gan-nan
Kang Min-ho as Maeng-ga
Lee Jang-hoon as Mo Seok-doo
Park Il-mok as Gong-goo
Seo Gwang-jae as Gong-chil
Han Kook-jin as Maeng-ga's colleague
Lee Hee-seok as Hong-dan's husband
Jin Ji-hee as young Jin-ok
Chae Sang-woo as young Sa-hyeon
Shin Yi-joon as young Ga-bi
Jung Ho-bin as Jo Yoo-sik (cameo)
Gong Jung-hwan as Monarch (cameo)
Song Sae-byeok as Raiding constable Song (cameo)
Wang Hee-ji as Pa Heul-nae (cameo)
Jang Hee-soo as Hong-dan's mother-in-law (cameo)

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