KARA – KARA the FIT [2015] DVD ISO

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[DVD] KARA - KARA the FIT [2015.07.29]
(카라 - KARA the FIT)
ISO / DVD / 12.44 GB

Release Info
If you ever wanted a step-by-step, extremely detailed K-pop dance video, than the first two discs are for you!
(Ex. 4 minutes dancing, 45 minutes breaking it down~)

If you want KARA in tight workout clothes, the first two discs (& 4th) are also for you, though YMMV~ ^^

Disc 1 (50m 25s)
Mister Dance w/ Breakdown

Disc 2 (46m 1s)
Jumping Dance w/ Breakdown

Disc 3 (33m 54s)
Summergic (Instrumental Ver.) /Sunny Days (Healin Ver.) Stretch/Rubber band Workout

Disc 4 (21m 58s)
KARA the FIT Making of/Offshoot
KARA & KIDS - Mister (Special Performance)

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