Koda Kumi – Koda Kumi Driving Hit’s 6 2014 CD ISO Album

Posted 31/08/2014 Music, Video ,

倖田來未 - Koda Kumi Driving Hit’s 6
MP3 / 320 / CD / 122.45 Mb
Format: DVD / .iso / 2.61 Gb

Release Info
01.Introduction for DH6
02.XXX [4 Skips vs. Floorbreaker EDM Remix]
03.Crank Tha Bass feat.OVDS [sumijun vs M.A.D Remix]
04.Boom Boom Boys [HEAVENS WiRE D'n'B Remix]
05.Inside Fishbowl & Outside Fishbowl[Sunset In Ibiza Dubstep Remix]
06.Lady Go![DJ KOMORI Remix]
08.LOADED feat.Sean Paul[ELMER VoVo Remix]
09.IS THIS TRAP? [Jumping Dog Remix]
10.Dreaming Now! [TJO & YUSUKE from BLU-SWING Remix]
11.ESCALATE [Vesterbak's Fly-Me-To-Tokyo Remix] 
12.TOUCH DOWN [736 Remix]
13.Winner Girls [Dank-One Glitch-Hop Remix]
15.Promise[ELMER VoVo Remix]
16.Whatchu Waitin' On? [Sham-Poo Beach Breeze Mix]

Bonus Track
17.Crank Tha Bass feat.OVDS [OVDS Remix]

DVD Tracklist
1.Documentary "Koda Kumi Taiwan Live 2013 @ National Taiwan University Gymnasium"


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