Kou Shibasaki – The Covers “Kou Shibasaki” (NHK BS Premium 2015.06.15) HDTV MPEG2

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[TV-Music] Kou Shibasaki - The Covers "Kou Shibasaki" (NHK BS Premium 2015.06.15)
(柴咲コウ - The Covers「柴咲コウ」 (NHK BS Premium 2015.06.15))
1920x1080 30min





Sakurazaka(桜坂) - Masaharu Fukuyama(福山雅治)
Tada Nakitakunaruno(ただ泣きたくなるの) - Miho Nakayama(中山美穂)
Ai(アイ) - Motohiro Hata(秦基博)

About this program
If the sound is interrupted, it is good to change the setting of the audio track.

●Measures 1(対策1)

start playing in VLC.(VLCで再生を始める)
Become 'this program', Audio Track change Track1→2→1.('このprogram'の画面になったら、Audio TrackをTrack1→2→1とチェンジする)

●Measures 2(対策2)

In editor, cut the part of the first few tens of seconds.(エディタで、最初の数十秒の部分をカットする)

●Measures 3(対策3)

Use GomPlayer(GomPlayerを使う)


When the configuration of the Audio Track is switched to the complexity, because the Player is not keep up, this phenomenon will occur.(Audio Trackの構成が複雑に切り替わる時、Playerがついていけないため、この現象がおきます)

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