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Lemon's.Love 2014 1080p WEB-DL x264 AAC SmY

The film's story background is a city in southern Fujian, entrepreneurs struggle with youthful love theme, Taiwanese cultural characteristics as the background, the current youth dream of society as a keynote clear, by the sight of a few of the urban youth, fresh and beautiful women to talk about the complex emotional entanglements between the protagonist of the story with lemon Xie Ming and Wu can.
At the same time, the film also emotional and living conditions through lemon detonated workplace and entrepreneurship, dating and divorce, desire and traps sharp nowadays topic; integrate high handsome rich and white Formica, small and Pianhun three men, a second-generation and other common diamond bachelor's portrayal of the character of modern life. The film on the background of recovery is quite elegant, but modern urban poor rural simplicity, passion and desire is to spend heavy ink film to depict a scene, there is a strong sense of substitution era

Title: Lemon's.Love
Genre: Romance
Release Date: 2014
Runtime: 1h 0mn
Country: China
Language: Mandarin
Subtitles: Chinese

Chi Xiao Xuan
Li Jingtao
Huangkai Lun
Huang Qin Yan
Wu Fei

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