Leo Ieiri – LEO ~1st Live Tour~ [2013] Bluray ISO

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Leo Ieiri - LEO ~1st Live Tour~ [2013.03.27]
(家入レオ - LEO 〜1st Live Tour〜)
ISO / Blu-Ray
MKV / BluRay x265, 10bit, flac, 1080P

First video product from Leo Ieiri mainly features her concert held at Umeda Club Quattro in Osaka plus digests of her one-man concerts held in various regions. Also contains rehearsal footage, backstage footage, documentary on the 1st one-man tour, and more. Contains a total of 120-minute contents (subject to change).

1. サブリナ
2. イジワルな神様
3. 心のカ・タ・チ
4. 明日また晴れますように
5. Hello
6. ripe
7. キミだけ
8. Lady Mary
9. Shine
10. ミスター
11. Second Dream
12. Last Stage
13. Fake Love
14. Linda
15. Bless You
16. Say Goodbye

These files can all be downloaded at Usenet.

[2D-Gate][Leo Ieiri][LEO ~1st Live Tour~][BDrip 1920×1080 flac x265-10bit].mkv
[2D-Gate][Leo Ieiri][LEO ~1st Live Tour~][Document][BDrip 1920×1080 flac x265-10bit].mkv

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