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Liang Ban Chun Guang 2014 1080p WEB-DL x264 AAC-SmY

Zhang Cheng is a shop "Beautiful underwear," the boss, and his girlfriend Yao Xue three years of painstaking efforts, the business has been sluggish. Suddenly, one day, could not bear the pressure of reality because his girlfriend broke up; himself as a manufacturer of information spread yellow metamorphosis, by the community and police interrogations; father came to his funeral, his son was underway conflict; while overdue rent pay, the landlord is in the door, no home to return. Zhang Cheng disheartened, intends to sell all inventory at the night market, buried memories of youth, and was chased to catch up, was also fined 2000, and made penniless. The Zhongseqingyou buddies weeks music long before the advent of the storm had been with his girlfriend Lili quickly "get away." Moment, Zhang Cheng feels as if the whole world was abandoned, affection, love, friendship, career all away from him ......
Heartbroken, he was wandering the streets alone, in order to place hands with beggars seats and seize territory. Just as he was about to desperation, Zhou's music finally appeared, he brought home. Zhang Cheng lousy become somewhat decadent, ready to turn off the shop, decided to give up on the occasion, called Susu customers gave him an order, he was very excited that it is the ex-girlfriend of his I love Yao Xue did not , and in the dark to help him. To love, Zhang Cheng decided to regroup and continue to operate the shop, then, because the number of defective goods in foreign trade, he accidentally met a sub-network called Andy Ni drizzly. Xiaoxiao help him solve the foreign trade goods, re-planning propaganda shop, Zhang Cheng's business gradually on the right track, and drizzly, and Zhang Cheng's feelings, but also quietly sprouting. But a misunderstanding, let Xiaoxiao and Zhang Cheng began to suspect each other's feelings ......
And Zhang Cheng's father in his own way, to support Zhang Cheng, false "Susu" Zhang Cheng care business. How to solve the contradiction between father and son will be? Zhang Cheng and Ni Xiaoxiao, the reality of romance and romantic reality, how to reconcile the contradiction between the two ends of the balance? Finally, two young men are able to come together?

Title: Liang Ban Chun Guang
Genre: Comedy , Romance
Release Date: 2014
Runtime: 1h 37mn
Director: Xie Yi Hang
Country: China
Language: Mandarin
Subtitles: Chinese

Choi Hang
Lu Ying
Zhao Yingli

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