Love to Teach the 48 Type 2013 DVDRip XviD

Posted 24/02/2014 Film

Plot/Synopsis: Japan in 2013, live-action interpretation of the sex education works,
Based on sacred love – India shooting into the Kama Sutra, combined with modern Japan ways of thinking and conventional sex,
Beauty field, Yang SAE SAE present body editorial method, GC form of macrobenthic lecture stated Ryo pedophiles 48 expression of fixture body posture and sono straight course of study process
The Kama Sutra love to teach the 48 type learn love and sex 48 (Microsoft Translation)

基於愛的聖典–印度《愛經》拍攝而成, 結合現代日本思維和慣用性愛方法,
Love to teach the 48 type カーマスートラに学ぶ爱とセックス48

Love to Teach the 48 Type
AKA: 愛之教典48式
Genres: Erotica, Sexual Orientation
Director: Yasushi
Stars: Yasushi, Fan Tian yarn yarn, Yuko Sakurai, Saya Tachibana
Release Year: 2013 (Japan [limited])
Source: DVD9 (thanks to the ripper)
Country: Japan
Language: Japanese
Subtitles: Chinese (hardsubbed)
English (none ATM)

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