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FIRST KISS is the first full-length studio album released by MACO.

[Album] MACO - First Kiss [2015.11.04]
AAC / 256 / WEB 108.17 Mb

Release Info

2. Futari Zutto (ふたりずっと; The Two of Us Forever)
3. Kiss
4. Kokuhaku (告白; Confession)
5. Don’t You Know I Love U
6. Atashi no Suki na Hito (アタシノスキナヒト; The Person I Like)
7. 24 Sai no Kara Mama e (24歳の私からママへ; From My 24-Year Old Self to Mom)
8. Muffler (マフラー)
9. We Gonna Be Happy
11. Kimi no Senaka ni (君の背中に; Your Back)
12. Seishun no Tsubasa (青春の翼; Wings of Youth)

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