Meguriai – Otome no Concerto [2015] CD Album

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[Album] Meguriai - Otome no Concerto [2015.06.05]
(メグリアイ - 乙女のコンチェルト)
MP3 / 320 / CD

Their second album contains eight live recorded tracks
(though I have yet to find out from where and when, and it has been mixed to sound like a studio album really)

Only one edition is available

1. Overture
2. Mirai e! (未来へ!) 〜EMERGE〜 -2015ver.-
3. Kimi Dake Refrain (君だけRefrain) -2015ver.-
4. Otome Sakura (乙女桜) -2015ver.-
5. Daisuki☆ (大好き☆) -Meguriai Summer- -2015ver.-
6. Koi no Kaijitsu (恋の果実) -2015ver.-
7. Happy! Lucky! -2015ver.-
8. Seishun Akaneiro (青春茜色) -2015ver.-

These files can all be downloaded at Usenet.

Meguriai – Otome no Concerto ~Live Hits! Album~.rar mirror

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