The Midnight After 2014 Bluray x264 720p, 1080p

Posted 05/09/2014 Film ,

WARNING: "Hong Kong doesn't do sci-fi." Pfft, watch this!

Directed by: Fruit Chan
Duration: 2 hr
Language: Cantonese with some Mandarin, English, Japanese and Korean
Subtitles: English (embedded)

Simon Yam
Wong You-nam
Janice Man
Kara Hui
Lam Suet
Chui Tien-you
Sam Lee
Cheuk Wan-chi
Cherry Ngan

Hong Kong, the present day. At 02:25 a group of passengers in Mong Kok Road, Kowloon, board a late-night minibus heading to Tai Po, in the New Territories. An argumentative couple disembark at the last moment and, as the passengers set off, they see them dead in a roadside accident. Those on board the minibus, driven by Suet (Lam Suet), include You Chi-chi (Wong You-nam); Yuki (Janice Man); Wong Man-fat (Simon Yam), a middle-aged gangster type; Temple Street fortune-teller Mak Sau-ying (Kara Hui); married couple Bobby and Pat (Lee Sheung-ching, Vincci Cheuk), who are going to watch football on TV at a friends' home; druggie Blind Fai (Sam Lee), who's on the run from some dealers and thinks the bus is heading to Tsuen Wan, seven miles from Tai Po; IT specialist Shun (Chui Tien-you); long-haired geek Auyeung Wai (Jan Curious); a nerdy young woman, LV (Melodes Mak); and some students at the Chinese University of Hong Kong.

The minibus goes through the Lion Rock Tunnel on its way to the New Territories, but as it reaches Tai Po the passengers notice there are no other cars on the road. After dropping off the university students - one of whom suddenly starts to feel ill - the minibus reaches its destination in Kwong Fuk Road at 03:12. The street is totally deserted and, though the passengers' phones work, nobody answers their calls. Suet and Man-fat remember that the traffic suddenly disappeared in the middle of Lion Rock Tunnel.

After exchanging their numbers, the passengers split up. Chi-chi and Yuki, who were sitting next to each other, walk around but he still can't reach his girlfriend Yi (Cherry Ngan) by phone, nor Yuki her boyfriend (Yiu Yuet-ming). Meanwhile, at the university the students panic when their friend's illness rapidly spreads. Chi-chi grabs a bike and cycles to Yi's home, which is empty and covered in dust. Then all the passengers' phones start ringing, with just an electronic scream at the other end of the line. They all arrange to meet next day at a small restaurant in Tai Po to solve the mystery of what has happened.

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