Minori Chihara – NEO FANTASIA [2013] Bluray ISO

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[BLURAY] Minori Chihara - NEO FANTASIA [2013.12.11]
ISO / Lossless / DVD / Limited Edition + Booklet Scans

BD Tracklist:
m.s.s. Premium Acoustic Live featuring Crustacea (February 2013):
01. Contact
02. Shijin no Tabi (詩人の旅; Travels of the Poet)
03. Junpaku Sanctuary (純白サンクチュアリィ; Pure White Sanctuary)
04. Melty tale storage
05. Dears ~Yuruyakana Kiseki~ (Dears ~ゆるやかな奇跡~; Merciful Miracle)
06. Ai to Knife (愛とナイフ; Love and Knife)
07. Kimi ga Kureta Ano hi (君がくれたあの日; That Day You Gave)
08. Celestial Diva
09. Lush march!!
11. Dream Wonder Formation
12. Aoi Kotou (蒼い孤島; Deep Blue Solitary Island)
13. everlasting...

15. Sakura (さくら; Cherry Blossoms)
16. Say you?
17. Karenai Hana (枯れない花; The Unwithering Flower)

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[BD-ISO+BK] Minori Chihara – NEO FANTASIA (Limited Edition)

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