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[DVD] misono - Uchi [2014.10.13]
(misono - 家 -ウチ- ※アルバムが1万枚売れなかったらmisonoはもうCDを発売することができません。)

DVD Tracklist:

1. Ho・n・to・u・so (Music Video)
2. with you feat. Me (Music Video) (BACK-ON)
3. "NO you! NO life! NO...××?" feat. Me (COCOAOTOKO.)
4. Koitsuri Girl Ai Girl ~Fishing Boy~ (Music Video)
5. Junction Punctuation Mark (Music Video)
6. 1-byoume no... Fura Letter Saigo no Hatsukoi ~Copernicus Tekitenkai~ (Music Video)
7. Uchi! Uchi! ROCK ~Toriatsukai Setsumeisho~ (Music Video)
8. Uchi! Uchi! ROCK ~Toriatsukai Setsumeisho~ (Choreography Video)

These files can all be downloaded at Usenet.

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AVCD 93026.ISO 2.89 GB
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