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[Single] Mito Natsume - Maegami Kirisugita [2015.04.08]
(三戸なつめ - 前髪切りすぎた)
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Mito Natsume's debut single "Maegami Kirisugita", released April 8th.

Mito is a popular model in aomoji-kei magazines who is signed with ASOBISYSTEM. Three tracks each with an instrumental that Yasutaka Nakata (CAPSULE) produced are included in this product, her major debut single. As for the title song, it refers to her trademark short fringe; "I cut my fringe too short".

In addition, the artwork attracts big topics by a poster exhibition of "the Fuminosato mall", and creator, Keita Kusaka who won Keizo Saji Prize is in charge.
01. 前髪切りすぎた (3:50) / Maegami Kirisugita
02. コロニー (3:57) / Colony
03. きゃべつのやつの歌 (3:23) / Cabbage no Yatsu no Uta
04. 前髪切りすぎた (Instrumental) (3:50)
05. コロニー (Instrumental) (3:57)
06. きゃべつのやつの歌 (Instrumental) (3:23)

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