miwa – miwa spring concert 2014 Shibuya Monogatari ~Kan~ [2014] Bluray x264 1080p

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1080p BDRip from Original from Blu-ray disc. miwa Spring Concert 2014 'shibuya Monogatari -kan-'

miwa - miwa spring concert 2014 Shibuya Monogatari ~Kan~ [2014.08.13]
Format: MP4
Quality: 1080p x264 320K LC AAC
miwa spring concert 2014 "渋谷物語~完~"
Source: ISO Blu-ray disc

Live Blu-ray from miwa features her concert at Yoyogi National Gymnasium. Also includes documentary.

In just four years, miwa went from performing in a Shibuya live house to performing two solo concerts in the Yoyogi National Gymnasium. Now, you can own the second show of the Shibuya Monogartari concert with its home video release! In front of over 10,000 fans, the singer-songwriter ends the biggest tour of her musical career with fan favorites like Don't Cry Anymore, Little Girl, Hikari e and chAngE.

2. don’t cry anymore
3. リトルガール
4. キットカナウ
6. Chasing hearts
7. Faraway
8. オトシモノ
9. 441
10. ホイッスル~君と過ごした日々~
11. friend~君が笑えば~
12. めぐろ川
13. Delight
14. hys-
15. あなたがいないと世界はこんなにつまらない
16. It’s you!
17. ミラクル
18. Faith
19. again×again
20. ヒカリヘ
21. 片想い
22. Let me go
23. chAngE
24. 春になったら

Bonus Tracks:
-making of miwa spring concert 2014 "渋谷物語~完~"

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miwa 3月8日アンコールトーク(Full HD).mp4 74.14 MB
miwa making of miwa spring concert 2014 705.82 MB
miwa spring concert 2014 7.81 GB


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